“Streets Not Named, Houses Not Numbered”


Today I am introducing my new blog Streets Not Named, Houses Not Numbered.  The title comes from a 1920 Census record from Haskell County, Texas that I found while researching the family of a client, and, I think, must perfectly capture that place at that moment in time.  This is what I try to accomplish in my work — to tell the stories of the ordinary and not-so-ordinary people who we come from, who lived at a time and in a place, and whose lives impact, even today, the lives of their descendants, and whose stories deserve to be discovered and told.

My blog will feature mostly the interesting stories that I find in my genealogical research.  Most will be adapted from material that I write or have written for clients in my custom books, reports, narrated slide shows, and other work.  I will sometimes cover the research or analysis part if it is particularly interesting, but mostly I will focus on the stories!  Look for posts roughly twice a week.

All blog posts are copyrighted, and the stories are told with the permission of my clients.  The posts will be public and I encourage you to share them on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.  And I welcome your comments and feedback!