“Streets Not Named, Houses Not Numbered”


Today I am introducing my new blog Streets Not Named, Houses Not Numbered.  The title comes from a 1920 Census record from Haskell County, Texas that I found while researching the family of a client, and, I think, must perfectly capture that place at that moment in time.  This is what I try to accomplish in my work — to tell the stories of the ordinary and not-so-ordinary people who we come from, who lived at a time and in a place, and whose lives impact, even today, the lives of their descendants, and whose stories deserve to be discovered and told.

My blog will feature mostly the interesting stories that I find in my genealogical research.  Most will be adapted from material that I write or have written for clients in my custom books, reports, narrated slide shows, and other work.  I will sometimes cover the research or analysis part if it is particularly interesting, but mostly I will focus on the stories!  Look for posts roughly twice a week.

All blog posts are copyrighted, and the stories are told with the permission of my clients.  The posts will be public and I encourage you to share them on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.  And I welcome your comments and feedback!

2 thoughts on ““Streets Not Named, Houses Not Numbered”

  1. Looking forward to keeping up with your Blogs Janet. It will no doubt shed further light on the research you did on the Flavins. Should be very interesting.


  2. Congrats on an excellent start! Your example is brief and amusing, yet it involves unusual sources. Keep it up.


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